Choosing Between Different Types of Storage Boxes

Those wacky hats, bulky sweaters and gloves need to be stored away during the cold winter months. Or have an open container near the front door throughout the year, or store them away during the warmer months to make clean up less tedious. Hang the clutter and keep cleaning up simple by tossing stuffed animals and toys in neatly stacked storage boxes with lids.


Stackable storage boxes are versatile storage solutions toy storage. The square or hexagonal boxes stack to three heights, which makes it convenient to store multiple items. A storage unit made of four stacked boxes is a handy combination unit. Store hats, sweaters, scarves and gloves in one box, then place the rest of your belongings on top of that. This is also a good way to handle things like handbags and purses.


You can stack storage boxes on top of one another. This is useful for keeping your shoes inside an organized manner. Some come with lids, but it is more practical to purchase lids from a department store or a specialty shop. Lids come in a variety of styles, sizes and material, so they are a good investment for keeping your belongings well organized.


Plastic storage boxes with lids are ideal for keeping small things such as keys, cards and small handbags in an accessible and neat manner. If you have children, clear plastic lids allow you to clearly see their stuff. These boxes are available in several designs and can be stackable. You can buy these boxes in different thicknesses and can stack them on top of one another storage boxes.


Boxes with fabric-coated bottoms are very popular and have the advantage of being able to withstand some moisture. Some wooden storage boxes have bottoms that are made of metal. These are great for placing fabric-covered shoes on, but plastic or cardboard ones may be better suited for this purpose. When buying, make sure that the bottoms are made of strong, stain-resistant material, because any item placed inside them will quickly absorb moisture.


If you want to buy a box that has a lid, consider purchasing a self-close lid. This is the most convenient style and makes it easy to access your stored items. Lids come in various shapes and sizes, and most people use rectangular or square ones. This type of storage box is very common, being used in many homes. Cardboard boxes, which also come in various shapes and sizes, are more popular among shoppers, being used as cartons and protective covers for clothing as well as books and gadgets.